Defend Columbus with a Traditional Latin Mass

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Landing of Columbus

Our Order’s namesake, Christopher Columbus, has been the focus of false criticism for several decades. However, in recent weeks his statue and likeness have come under renewed attack. As both Knights and faithful Catholics, we defend the Faith, the Church, and her faithful children, as did Columbus and his crew, who risked their lives for Her mission of saving souls.

As Pope Leo XIII proclaimed in his 1892 Encyclical, Quarto Abeunte Saeculo, on the occasion of The Columbus Quadricentennial:

For Columbus is ours; since if a little consideration be given to the particular reason of his design in exploring the mare tenebrosum, and also the manner in which he endeavored to execute the design, it is indubitable that the Catholic faith was the strongest motive for the inception and prosecution of the design; so that for this reason also the whole human race owes not a little to the Church.

Offer a Latin Mass for Columbus Day

Therefore, with Columbus Day approaching in 5 weeks, we encourage all traditional councils and individual Knights to mark Columbus’ 525th anniversary of the discovery of the Americas with prayer – specifically, the greatest prayer: a Traditional Latin Mass, in thanksgiving for Columbus’ mission. Here are the guidelines:

  • Organize a Traditional Latin Mass – specifically the Mass of the Holy Trinity, which Pope Leo XIII recommended in his encyclical
  • Intention: Thanksgiving for Columbus’ discovery of the New World
  • Offer the Mass on Monday, October 9 (Columbus Day Observed in the US), or Thursday, October 12 (actual anniversary date)
  • After Mass, recite a Rosary for the intention of persecuted Christians.

As the attacks against the Church and the faithful increase (both outside the Americas and within), let us return to prayer and the invocation of the Holy Trinity, to intercede for the Church during these times of unrest, while also giving thanks for the benefits we have been given.

As our founder, the Venerable Michael McGivney, chose the name of Christopher Columbus, let us ask for his intercession.

Venerable Michael McGivney, pray for us.